RESPECT stands for Research–Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti–Doping Education: Clean Sport Alliance Initiative for Tackling Doping (RESPECT). 

RESPECT emerged from growing recognition that athletes are appreciative of initiatives which genuinely give them voice but speaking out about doping can be a source of distress and create long-lasting negative impacts on athletes’ lives, perpetuating a code of silence regarding doping. To help counter this code of silence and promote the athlete voice, the RESPECT project engaged the anti–doping community through cooperative actions that bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice. 




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 RESPECT objectives


The objectives of the RESPECT project are informed by well over a decade of research, practice and policy making by the project partners in the field of doping prevention.


Objective 1: Through the development of a Clean Sport Knowledge Exchange Platform, fundamentally shift how the European anti–doping community learn and exchange knowledge in order to encourage dialogue with relevant European stakeholders to ensure the development of evidence–informed prevention programmes. 


Objective 2: Through international forums and a series of films, give voice to the clean sport movement, and clean athletes in particular, to ensure their experiences and complex decisions and trajectories are at the centre of anti–doping discourse and policy–making. 


Objective 3: Co–create the research agenda for doping prevention by drawing upon international expertise in the field of doping prevention research and practice through the established Delphi method.


Objective 4: Devise a 10–year Research–Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti–Doping Education (Clean Sport Plan 2030) to feed decision–making and policy–making in the area of doping prevention. 


Objective 5: Retain and further enhance the position of Europe as a leader in doping prevention and in the development of solutions that are relevant to the social economy of the Union.



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Clean Sport Insight Forum: Changing the Lens to RESPECT Clean Sport 

§  Lead organisation – UK Anti–Doping 

§  Venue:  Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London  

§  Date: 4 September 2019 

Toward 2030: 2nd Clean Sport Insight Forum 

§  Lead organisation – Leeds Beckett University

§  Venue: Virtual Event

§  Date: 8-9 December 2020 

RESPECT project Team members


Formerly UK Anti-Doping

prof Sue Backhouse

Leeds Beckett University

Ian Boardley 

University of Birmingham

martin chandler 

University of Birmingham

LIAM Jefferson

Formerly UK Anti-Doping

Erik Duiven

Doping Authority Netherlands

Jani Dvoršak

Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation

andrew heyeS

University of Birmingham

siobhan leonard 

Sport Ireland

DR Nina Makuc 

Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation

rachel maGuire 

Formerly Sport Ireland

DR Laura martinelli

Kingston University London

paul moss

UK Anti-Doping

Prof Andrea Petróczi 

Kingston University London

Dr laurie patterson

Leeds Beckett University

Wendy Schootemeijer

Doping Authority Netherlands

Dr helen staff

Leeds Beckett University

DR sam thrower 

University of Roehampton 

respect partner organisations