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bridging the gap between research, Policy and practice to DEVELOP Effective anti-doping education Programs


The Clean Sport Alliance was founded by the RESPECT team in 2018. RESPECT stands for Research-Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti-Doping Education Clean Sport Alliance Initiative for Tackling Doping and it is an Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnerships funded project. 

CLEAN SPORT alliance

Built on the cumulative strength and complementary portfolios of anti-doping researchers, representatives of anti-doping organisations and athletes. The Clean Sport Alliance brings contemporary thinkers and practitioners together to foster high quality doping research and evidence-informed doping prevention. Meet the alliance.


To bridge the gap between anti-doping research, policy and practice to shape the next 10 years of anti-doping education. The Clean Sport Alliance recognises and works with the complexity of the doping problem and prioritises collaboration and co-ordination in moving anti-doping policy and practice forward.

Our Playground

Overview of the most relevant doping-related research to guide  clean sport education programs

Identifying gaps in the evidence-base and creating connections to initiate the research

Examples of evidence-based interventions implemented by Anti-Doping Organisations.

Our PAST events

Clean Sport Insight Forum - london

More than 130 delegates gathered at London’s Congress Centre on Wednesday 4 September for the Clean Sport Alliance’s inaugural Clean Sport Insight Forum, hosted by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD).

The Forum brought together athletes, policy-makers and anti-doping researchers to discuss a range of issues within anti-doping, particularly around supporting athletes and promoting a clean sport environment. The event produced fascinating conversations on the latest trends and considerations in anti-doping.



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