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The goal of this pan-European initiative is to bring contemporary thinkers and practitioners together to foster high quality doping research and evidence-informed doping prevention.

Underpinned by the ethos of the Clean Sport Alliance, our project teams recognise and work with the complexity of the doping problem and prioritises collaboration and co-ordination in moving anti-doping policy and practice forward.




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 RESPECT objectives


The objectives of the RESPECT project are informed by well over a decade of research, practice and policy making by the project partners in the field of doping prevention.


Objective 1: Through the development of a Clean Sport Knowledge Exchange Platform, fundamentally shift how the European anti–doping community learn and exchange knowledge in order to encourage dialogue with relevant European stakeholders to ensure the development of evidence–informed prevention programmes. 


Objective 2: Through international forums and a series of films, give voice to the clean sport movement, and clean athletes in particular, to ensure their experiences and complex decisions and trajectories are at the centre of anti–doping discourse and policy–making. 


Objective 3: Co–create the research agenda for doping prevention by drawing upon international expertise in the field of doping prevention research and practice through the established Delphi method.


Objective 4: Devise a 10–year Research–Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti–Doping Education (Clean Sport Plan 2030) to feed decision–making and policy–making in the area of doping prevention. 


Objective 5: Retain and further enhance the position of Europe as a leader in doping prevention and in the development of solutions that are relevant to the social economy of the Union.



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Clean Sport Insight Forum: Changing the Lens to RESPECT Clean Sport 

§  Lead organisation – UK Anti–Doping 

§  Venue:  Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell Street, London  

§  Date: 4 September 2019 

Toward 2030: 2nd Clean Sport Insight Forum 

§  Lead organisation – Leeds Beckett University

§  Venue: Virtual Event

§  Date: 8-9 December 2020 




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1. To guide future research informing tailored doping prevention programmes for para-sports through a scoping literature review that maps current research trends in doping research on para-sports and identifies gaps in current knowledge. 

2. To ensure we develop the Clean Sport Alliance Knowledge Exchange Platform to address the needs of all athletes and athlete-support personnel, including those from the para-sport movement.

3. Focusing on athlete-support personnel, to capture and magnify para-athletes’ and athlete support personnel’s voices as part of the clean-sport movement through a series of films, thus ensuring the unique and complex nature of their sport experiences are represented in anti–doping discourse and policy–making.

4. Focusing on athlete-support personnel, to involve para-athletes and athlete-support personnel throughout the anti-doping research process.

5. Expanding the focus on athletes, to involve para-athletes from outside WADA-regulated sports (e.g., injured, sick and ill servicemen and women involved in competitive sport [i.e., Invictus Games]) within clean-sport education. 

6. To co–create the research agenda for doping prevention in non-disabled and para-sports by involving athlete-support personnel as well as drawing upon international expertise in doping-prevention research and practice through the established Delphi method.

work packages

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work packages

1.     Collation of research evidence (quantitative and qualitative research designs) relevant to clean sport in para-athletes.

Lead organisation: Kingston University London

2.     Raising the voice of athlete-support personnel working with non-disabled and para-athletes to determine to unique support needs relevant to protecting clean sport with non-disabled and para-sport athletes.

Lead organisation: Leeds Beckett University

3.     Raising the voice of para-athletes across Europe through an exploration (national and international focus group interviews) of what clean sport means to tested and non-tested para-athletes.

Lead organisation: University of Birmingham

4.     Identifying the needs of para-athletes and athlete-support personnel within clean-sport education and how this may inform relevant policy through the Delphi method.

Lead Organisation: University of Birmingham 

5.     Communication and dissemination through the established Clean Sport Alliance Knowledge Exchange Platform.

Lead Organisation: Leeds Beckett University


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RESPECT-P Clean Sport Commonwealth Games Conference 

§  Lead organisation – UK Anti–Doping 

§  Venue: Birmingham, UK 

§  Date: June 2022 

RESPECT-P Clean Sport International Forum 

§  Lead organisation – University of Muenster 

§  Venue: Muenster, Germany 

§  Date: December 2022 

i Value



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  • Objective 1: To guide the development of the I Value program and future values based interventions through a scoping review of literature that maps current values based education in a school based setting and identifies gaps in current doping prevention knowledge.

  • Objective 2: Through a whole-school approach co-develop, implement and evaluate an evidence-based values program for grassroots sport, targeting schoolchildren (6 to 14 years) and their teachers and parents.

  • Objective 3: Increase school teachers’ capability, opportunity and motivation to adopt and implement values based education program.

  • Objective 4: Activate parents through a brief intervention (focused on capability, opportunity and motivation) to adopt the principles of values based behaviour in raising their children.

  • Objective 5: Scientifically evaluate the efficiency of the developed program in terms of reaching the pre-defined outcomes of the program and providing improvement potential if appropriate.

  • Objective 6: Increase the size and depth of values based doping prevention research, policy and practice networks through multiplier event, which serve to introduce the program to other National Anti-Doping Organisations as a model of how to implement early primary doping.

  • Objective 7: Extend the focus of the Clean Sport Alliance Knowledge Exchange Platform to include research and practice pertaining to values based education.

further details

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