clean sport alliance

The Clean Sport Alliance is built on the cumulated strength and complementary portfolios of anti-doping researchers, representatives of anti-doping organisations and athletes. 

The goal of this pan-European initiative is to bring contemporary thinkers and practicioners together to foster high quality doping research and evidence-informed doping prevention.

The Clean Sport Alliance recognises and works with the complexity of the doping problem and prioritises collaboration and co-ordination in moving anti-doping policy and practice forward.

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partner organisations

the team 

Colin Allen

Education Manager 
UK Anti-Doping

prof Sue Backhouse

Leeds Beckett University

Thomas Berghoff

Head of Prevention
NADA Germany

Ian Boardley 

University of Birmingham

Martin Chandler 

University of Birmingham

Erik Duiven

Director of Prevention
Doping Authority Netherlands

Dr Dennis Dreiskämper

University of Münster

Jani Dvoršak

Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation

siobhan leonard

Anti-doping Manager 
Sport Ireland

DR Nina Makuc 

Education Co-ordinator Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation

Dr laura martinelli 

University of Chichester 

Dr laurie patterson 

Leeds Beckett University

Prof Andrea Petróczi 

Kingston University London

Wendy Schootemeijer 

Doping Authority Netherlands

David Senft

National Anti-Doping Agency Austria

Dr helen staff

Leeds Beckett University

Prof Bernd Strauß

University of Münster

DR sam thrower 

University of Roehampton 

DR Toni Williams 

Leeds Beckett University

Involved athletes 

Germany - Pia braun & lars wichert

Tennis & Rowing

ireland - patrick o'leary & jennifer egan

Canoe & Canoe

netherlands - Jacco Arends & mark bakker

Badminton & Cycling

slovenia - Sara Isakovic & Ana Umer 

Swimming & Archery

UK - Andrew Heyes & jake shelley

Athletics & Athletics